Issue #1

Issue #1: Autumn 2023

$42.00 CAD

To celebrate its third anniversary, Hintology has launched its first printed edition, which comprises 50 artists from 17 countries sharing over a hundred works into an inspiring visual narrative accompanied by essays and poetry over 160 pages.

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After three years of exploring and bringing forward artists and artworks from the abstract photography scene, Hintology is finally publishing its first physical magazine edition. Explore the boundless imagination of a unique creative community through this diverse collection of photographs that are sure to open your mind to the infinite possibilities of the camera as a medium and to the unsuspected wonders of our world as discerned by inquisitive and perceptive eyes.

Accompanied by contemplative essays and poems from writers worldwide, this magazine will be sure to cradle you through an aesthetic journey across fascinating visual and semantic metaphors. Ultimately, this assemblage inconspicuously drives a grander narrative about the elegant but fragile nature of our world, which finds itself contrasted, if not opposed, by the cruder complexity of the human mind and all its seemingly ephemeral, yet enduring constructs.

In the words of Jason Dean:

“I cannot say enough about how incredible INCREDIBLE this first issue is. They say ‘magazine’, but really, it’s a beautifully constructed book, and I am so humbled to be included with so many other wonderfully gifted abstract artists. Other than the words above, I am speechless.”


Maja Strgar Kurečić, Astrid Preisz, Jasmin Javon, Kathryn Anne Poole, Wendy Kappy, Darnia Hobson, Muriel Gani, Shane Coppage, Matthew Fertel, Karin Wegmann, Maryna Kostiukevych, Chris Wenger, Koen Vanacker, Steve Nimmons, John Wilkinson, Justin Pumfrey, Almond Pothole, Apollo Spencer, Ilmari Hietala, Arnab, justin Pumfrey, Hartmut Rieg, Suzanne Livingstone, Daria Panichas, Amy Newton-McConnel, Barb Kreutter, Diewke van den Heuvel, Paul Rowland, LE Kui, Jeff Tung, Jean Paul Soujol Benedetti, Tristan Morin, Randall VanderMey, Alina Aminova, Amy Aiken, Susan Bowen, Oleg Buyanov, Cam Crosland, Q, Joshua Feldman, Jason Dean, Amer Rust, inframeswetrust, Dan Baumbach, Shar Marie, Steve Harris, James Brouwer, Forties UK, Jeremy Westgate and Kostis Argyriadis.



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Dimensions 22.9 × 22.9 × 2.5 cm
Release date

October 15, 2023




50 worldwide artists and writers


~140 abstract pictures (approx.)


30 poems and essays (approx.)

Edition size

Limited to 200 copies with no re-print


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